Hanwell Big local has awarded sums of between £50 – £500 to local residents and groups in the local area for activities and projects that will get people involved, increase community participation and help raise awareness of HBL project. 

This year, HBL welcomes applications of £50 up to £500 from Local Residents Association, individuals or local community groups to take advantage of this funding. 

Some examples would be: 

  1. Have a barbecue for your block 
  1. A coffee morning 
  1. Tools to help to maintain your block’s communal garden 
  1. Run an activity at a stall at a school fete 
  1. Help to buy a team strip for a football or netball team 
  1. Summer activity for families 


At least 60% of those participating/benefiting must be residents of the Hanwell Big Local area (see HBL map area). We can’t consider applications otherwise. 

You can get the application form by emailing hbladmin@empowering-action.org.uk or by calling 0208 575 6139. 

In 2017 HBL Small Grants have been awarded to – 


  • Ealing Boxing Club 
  • Parveen Sharma– Knitting Classes 
  • Hanwell carnival Parade 


Ealing Boxing Club – In February 2017 HBL awarded Ealing Boxing Club £500 Small Grant to run non-contact boxing training for girls and boys living in the HBL area. This grant was to provide equipment to run boxing sessions, promotion and studio rent.  

Knitting classes – In April 2017 HBL awarded £500 Small Grant to run Knitting Classes for residents living in the HBL area. This grant was to provide promotion and studio rent.  

Hanwell Carnival Parade – In May 2017 HBL awarded £500 Small Grant. This grant was to buy equipment and material for costumes and parade.  

For more information about Hanwell Carnival, please go on the website: http://www.hanwellcarnival.co.uk/