Copley Close Steering Group

Copley Estate is undergoing regeneration and refurbishment. Copley Close Steering Group was set up to ensure that residents’ views about the forthcoming regeneration were taken into account and the resident steering group aims to ensure that the residents are part of the decision making and future development of the estate.

Over the last 6 years, we have been involved in deciding the design of the estate, having a say in who the contractors are and making sure that the council and its contractors are held to account. This year we are aiming to ensure that as residents’ voices are really heard and have been skilling ourselves up to make sure that Copley truly becomes a great place to live.


We worked with HBL over the summer in 2016 to run a summer fun day which was a great success. Part funded by HBL small grants fund and with practical help from the HBL and EASE team, over 300 people enjoyed the event.