Nigel Clarke

HBL Chairperson

Nigel Clarke is a resident of the Cuckoo Estate. He wants to strengthen and empower the local community, and has a particular interest in the community Center and the cuckoo park.

Anne Fowles

HBL Vice Chairperson

Anne Fowles has been a resident of the Cuckoo Estate for 16 years. She is committed to the positive development of the local community and is also an active trustee of London Pulse Basketball Club, based at Hanwell Community Centre.

Angela Dodwell

Angela Dodwell is a resident of High Lane and works locally for a charity (Ealing CVS) supporting Hanwell Big Local. She has a passion for community development and empowering local communities to achieve. She also volunteers some of her spare time in the local community and writes the newsletter for High Lane RA.

Mary Griffiths

Mary Griffiths is a resident of High Lane estate and she believes in giving back to the Community and helping people.

Rose Ravenscoft

Rose Ravenscoft is a resident of High Lane estate and she is the treasurer of “High lane Resident Association”. Her hope is that she can make her estate a happy place to grow up in.

Benna Brophy

Benna Brophy has been a resident of Gurnell Grove Estate since 2003, she is the Secretary of Gurnell Residents Association. She is also one of the partners of Bluebells Mobile Crèche, and she is looking forward to helping her local community in any way she can.

Lesley Young

Lesley Young is the resident of Gurnell Grove and she is the treasurer for the “Gurnell Residents Association”, she has lived on Gurnell Grove estate since 2002 and have seen many changes going on around where she lives and she wants to be part of the positive changing community.

Monica Tabarac

Monica Tabarac has an experience of over 10 years in the charitable sector and she is currently working as a translator. Monica and her family have been living in Hanwell, Cuckoo Estate since 2010.

Gilly lodge

Gilly lodge

Prince Hewitt

Prince Hewitt

Jackie Sear

Previous HBL Partnership member

Jackie Sear (Ex-Chairperson) has lived in Hanwell all her life and living in Copley Close since 1996. She has previously set up EASE and led the organisation until 2013. She has been involved in Hanwell Big Local since putting forward the proposal to the Big Local Trust.

Rosie Pearce

Previous HBL Partnership member

Rosie Pearce is passionate about gardening and the contribution that it can make to a community’s health and wellbeing. She has been a long-time resident of the Cuckoo Estate and values all that our locality has to offer.