Hanwell Big Local’s Local Trusted Organisation

EASE Ltd (Empowering Action and Social Esteem) is a Local Trusted Organisation for Hanwell Big Local and are responsible for being the first point of contact for the project, administering the financial funds, coordinating meetings, administration and contact with The Local Trust.

EASE manage the projects on behalf of the HBL Partnership and Local Trust. EASE, alongside managing the large budget also manages the youth projects and the Hanwell Big Local administrator.

A bit about EASE Ltd

E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) Ltd aims to inspire, empower, enable and support personal and community development through the skills, talent and diversity within communities.

EASE has worked within the local community since 2001 and offers a range of adult and child services based on Community need.

E.A.S.E. Ltd provides access to information, activities, training and support services to individuals and groups of people living in the local area. They have continued to offer their regular services like info and support, work club, legal advice service, holiday schemes and much much more!


 EASE’s ethics are built on community cohesion and involvement.  Through their work EASE has a great knowledge and understanding of the varied communities requirements.

Copley Close Children’s Centre

In addition to the community development work EASE do, they also hold the contract for Copley Close Children’s Centre supporting families with children under 5 in the area.

E.A.S.E’s Youth Provision

EASE also has various youth provision across the Hanwell Big Local area and deliver various activities for teenagers and children.



If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or get involved in any of the opportunities EASE has to offer please call us on 0208 575 6139.