High Lane Residents Association (HLRA) was set up to aid the residents who reside on the estate that cover Hanway and Hobbayne Roads in Hanwell. The HLRA is made up of four residents who act on behalf of the Estate in capacity of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Vice Chair.

High Lane Resident Association & Hanwell Big Local

Two members of the Resident Association Rose Ravencroft & Mary Griffiths are on the HBL Partnership. In 2016, HBL expanded the HBL area to cover High Lane Estate and surrounding roads. This meant that the residents have been able to access services and opportunities.

High Lane Resident Association have been working with Hanwell Big Local over the last year, where they have received funding for two events (High Lane Easter & Summer Fun Day). The committee are very grateful for the funding provided by Hanwell Big Local and look forward to working with the organisation in the future.

High Lane Residents look forward to working together with HBL to build a stronger community and make a big difference.

In 2017 work on the horticultural project with HBL will commence. This is a great opportunity to get involved with making a difference to the High Lane area. If you are local resident and would like to get involved by volunteering, please get in touch with EASE / HBL.

HLRA Community Involvement

The HLRA work closely with the council liaison team and are committed to running the association to meet the needs of a very diverse population.  The association endeavours to be inclusive and have set up some initiatives that run on a regular schedule to meet the needs of youth, young families /mothers and adults. These endeavours include:

  • youth club run by EASE
  • stay and play run by EASE
  • coffee mornings (a variety of information and sometimes guests are invited to talk to residents about local issues)
  • Funding permitting there are also a number of community days planned for example Family Summer Fun Day, Christmas Lunch for pensioners, Children’s Spring Party, and in the past a Jubilee Street Party
  • In conjunction with the council the committee fought for funding to erect a multi games arena (MUGA) to cater for recreation for all youth and children who live on the estate and the council have provided extra play areas across the estate in conjunction with resident’s needs, utilising free space on the estate.

As well as fundraising and providing opportunity for inclusive celebration the committee also work hard on ensuring a safe and conducive environment in which to live, including of late provision of much needed improved lighting across the estate.  Committee members have pushed for Rehousing of impaired residents who felt isolated and vulnerable on the first floor of a block and managed to get them rehoused in a ground floor property.  Fences have also been erected for vulnerable elderly residents, where previous fencing may have been damaged or not able to be personally funded.

In partnership with the housing team there are regular ‘Estate walks’ to point out needed repairs or neglected areas, such as scaffolding being erected and no works being noticeably carried out.

Further enrichment of the area will hopefully see High Lane Estate soon to be part of the wider regeneration works being carried out across Ealing; in co-operation with this, a sub-committee of residents are currently working with the council on this.

The committee are proud to have been nominated for the London Borough of Ealing ROAR awards as a group and also as individuals; this evening of celebration is a welcome invitation to acknowledge the work done by all committees that work with residents on Ealing Housing Estates.