Hanwell Community Centre Consortium (HCCC)

The Hanwell Community Centre (HCC), situated at the top of Cuckoo Avenue, in the heart of the Big Local area, is a very important community resource, an historical landmark, and a local heritage asset. It is owned and presently managed by Ealing Council. The Council are committed to handing over the management of HCC to an outside body.

This Asset of Community Value status means that the Community should be given the opportunity to produce a business plan and compete to run Hanwell Community Centre to manage it when Ealing Council stop funding and managing the Centre in 2017.

With this in mind, Hanwell Big Local supported the coming together of a community led Steering Group in line with these objectives. This led to the birth of a new community led social enterprise: Hanwell Community Centre Consortium Ltd known as HCCC.

The Hanwell Big Local Partnership are keen that the building continues to provide community benefits: that the potential of the building and the park are maximised, and that the future management and running of the building and the park will by local people and be responsive to local needs.

So, what has been happening at HCCC?

Hanwell Community Centre Consortium have been extremely busy responding to Ealing Council’s tender to find a partner to take over the operation and management of Hanwell Community Centre (HCC) on 1st April 2017.

After successfully coming through a Suitability Questionnaire, HCCC were invited to participate in the formal tender. The original bid submitted by HCCC had a successful outcome. HCCC were advised by Ealing Council that they are still in the race to run our much loved Grade II listed Community Centre known also as the “old Cuckoo Schools”.

The valuable support from Hanwell Big Local during these past 2-3 years has sustained HCCC’s commitment to realise their vision for Hanwell Community Centre as “A vibrant, inclusive, welcoming, sustainable, secular, community led enterprise at the beating heart of the community, meeting the needs of individuals, groups and local businesses in providing a safe space for recreation, arts and culture, education, healthy living and well-being, heritage, events, conferences and private functions for Hanwell and the Borough.”

For more information on Hanwell Community Centre Consortium (HCCC) please have a look at HCCC Facebook page

Or email on  HCCCW7@gmail.com